Relationships After Traumatic Brain Injury Video Clips

Preview the video clips below for the Hot Topic Series Relationships After Traumatic Brain Injury.

Featured Video: Relationships After TBI
Time: 12:05


His Divot
Time: 0:54


Ambiguous Loss
Time: 2:08


Insight Into His Cognitive and Physical Changes
Time: 1:19


Don’t Let this Horrible Accident Destroy Your Marriage
Time: 2:01


Thoughts on Going to a Relationship Counselor
Time: 1:59


Impact of Coupled Relationship on Recovery
Time: 1:07


What Couples Counseling is Like from the Couples Perspective
Time: 1:26


What Couples Counseling is Like from the Therapist's Perspective
Time: 2:34


Intimacy after TBI
Time: 1:07


Treating Each Other with Love
Time: 1:38


How Family Roles Change After TBI
Time: 1:21


Parenting after TBI in the Family
Time: 2:35


The Brain Injury Family Intervention Feelings Checklist
Time: 4:09


Getting Back on the Bike
Time: 1:33


Recognizing the Positives
Time: 2:28


How to find Help
Time: 0:31