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Understanding and Improving Body Image after Burn Injury

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Major burn injuries can change how the body looks and functions and lead to body image distress. Body image is defined as how satisfied, comfortable and confident a person is with his or her appearance. This slideshow provides tips for understanding and improving your body image.


Social Interaction after Burn Injury

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The way people react (verbally and non-verbally) can make it more difficult to feel confident during social interactions. While some burn survivors are not bothered by the reactions of others, you may find it helpful to learn social skills to face these challenges successfully. This slideshow addresses these and other issues related to social interactions after a burn injury.


Employment after Burn Injury

Excluded teen girl looking sadly at group of girls

Returning to work after a burn injury can be an important phase of recovery that helps you return to a routine. Work not only provides you with an income and other benefits such as health insurance, but can also give you a sense of purpose and confidence that is critical in maintaining a higher quality of life. This slideshow gives advice related to returning to work after a burn injury.


Related Resources


Excluded teen girlSocial Interaction after Burn Injury
Many burn injury survivors who have had a change in their physical appearance feel anxious about how people will react to them when they leave the hospital and go back into public places. This factsheet provides suggestions and resources for social interactions after a burn injury.


One woman comforting anotherPsychological Distress after Burn Injury
Psychological distress occurs in most survivors of severe burn injuries. Read this factsheet for more information on causes, effects, and treatment options.


Woman with burn scars on hands looking thoughtfulUnderstanding and Improving Body Image after Burn Injury
Approximately, one-third of children and adult burn survivors report significant distress related to changes in the way their body looks, feels, and functions during the initial hospitalization. This factsheet discusses physical healing after a burn injury and the impact on body image and social interactions.