Exercise After Burn Injury Video Clips

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Joy StretchingFeatured Video: Exercise After Burn Injury
Time: 18:39


Why Exercise Is Critical After Burn Injury
Time: 1:02


The Value of Peer Support
Time: 2:05


The Importance of Family Support
Time: 1:43

A Caregiver’s Perspective
Time: 2:01




Transition Home
Time: 0:55


Exercise and Contractures
Time: 1:30


Cardio After Burn Injury
Time: 2:38


The Benefits of Yoga for People with Burn Injury
Time: 1:03




Exercising After Amputation from Burn Injury
Time: 2:34


Muji Karim and Exercising with Prosthetic Limbs
Time: 2:22


Coming to Terms with Your Scars
Time: 4:04