Cognition in Patients With Burn Injury in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Population

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Cognition in Patients With Burn Injury in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Population
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Journal Article
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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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2014, vol. 1, issue , pp 1342-1349
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Study investigated whether patients with burn injury have differences in their cognition compared with other inpatient rehabilitation populations. Data were obtained from the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation from 2002 through 2011. A total of 5,347 rehabilitation patients with burn injury were compared with 668,816 patients from the following impairment groups: spinal cord injury, amputation, polytrauma and multiple fractures, and hip replacement. Differences between the groups were calculated for the total cognitive Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score and each cognitive subscale item (memory, verbal comprehension, verbal expression, social interaction, and problem solving). Patients with burn injury were compared with the other groups using a bivariate linear regression model. A multivariable linear regression model was used to determine whether differences in cognition existed after adjusting for covariates (e.g., sociodemographic factors, facility factors, medical complications). Adults with burn injuries had an average total cognitive FIM score of 26.8 compared with an average FIM score of 28.7 for the other groups combined. The subscale with the greatest difference between those with burn injury and the other groups was memory (5.1 compared with 5.6). These differences persisted after adjustment for covariates. The results indicate that adults with burn injury have worse cognitive FIM scores than other rehabilitation populations. Future research is needed to determine the impact of this comorbidity on patient outcomes and potential interventions for these deficits.
Purohit, M., Goldstein, R., Nadler, D., Mathews, K., Slocum, C., Gerrard, P. DiVita, M.A.,Ryan, C.M., Zafonte, R ..Kowalske, K.., Schneider, J. C
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