Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection for Patients with Neurogenic Bladder

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Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection for Patients with Neurogenic Bladder
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Journal Article
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Current Bladder Dysfunction Reports
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2014, vol. 1, issue 9, pp 282-288
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Article summarizes the most recent data on the prevention of urinary tract infection (UTI) in patients with neurogenic bladder, with a focus on patients with incomplete bladder emptying requiring catheterization who are specifically at risk. UTI is a common problem among patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction that can be costly and challenging to manage. It occurs frequently in this population given their unique susceptibility to bacteria both entering the urinary tract and causing infection. Current literature on the topic of preventing UTIs in this heterogeneous patient population is challenged by the difficulty in defining UTIs and by the lack of long-term data from controlled randomized studies. New research suggests that intradetrusor injection of onabotulinumtoxin A may be a useful adjunct in preventing UTIs, and further studies are needed to determine if probiotics, bacterial interference, and/or vaccines will prove to be of use in the population.
Hammond FM, Knotts A, Pershad R, Norton HJ
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