Positive psychology in rehabilitation medicine: a brief report

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Positive psychology in rehabilitation medicine: a brief report
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Journal Article
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2014, vol. 1, issue , pp x
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Study explored the relationships between positive psychology constructs (character strengths, resilience, and positive mood) and rehabilitation-related variables (perceptions of functional ability post-injury and beliefs about treatment) within a baseline data set, a six-month follow-up data set, and longitudinally across time points. Pearson correlations and supplementary multiple regression analyses were conducted within and across these time points from a starting sample of 39 individuals with acquired brain injury in an outpatient rehabilitation program. Results indicated that positive psychology constructs were related to rehabilitation-related variables within the baseline data set, within the follow-up data set, and longitudinally between baseline positive psychology variables and follow-up rehabilitation-related data. These preliminary findings support relationships between character strengths, resilience, and positive mood states with perceptions of functional ability and expectations of treatment, respectively, which are primary factors in treatment success and quality of life outcomes in rehabilitation medicine settings. The results suggest the need for more research in this area, with an ultimate goal of incorporating positive psychology constructs into rehabilitation conceptualization and treatment planning.
Bertisch, H. Long, C. Rath, J.F. Rashid, T. Ashman, T.
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