Indicators within the California Verbal Learning Test - II (CVLT-II)

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Journal Article
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2010, vol. 24, issue 1, pp 153-168
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Study examined whether performance patterns on the California Verbal Learning Test-II (CVLT-II) could differentiate participants with traumatic brain injury (TBI) showing adequate effort from those with mild TBI exhibiting poor effort. The TBI group consisted of 124 individuals with moderate to severe TBI. The poor effort group consisted of 77 people with mild head injury who were involved in litigation and failed at least one stand-alone symptom validity measure and also either a second SVT or an effort indicator embedded within a standard clinical test. A total of 18 CVLT-II variables were investigated using Bayesian model averaging for logistic regression to determine which variables best differentiated the groups. Results indicated that the CVLT-II variables having the most support were: (1) long-delay free recall, (2) total recognition discriminability, and (3) total recall discriminability.
Wolfe, P., Millis, S.R., Hanks, R.A., Fictenberg, N., Larabee, G., Sweet, J.
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