The reliability and validity of the community integration measure in persons with traumatic brain injury

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Journal Article
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Rehabilitation Psychology
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2010, vol. 55, issue 3, pp 292-297
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Study investigated the psychometric properties of the Community Integration Measure (CIM), a scale that assesses self-perceived quality of community integration, among people with a history of traumatic brain injury (TBI). A total of 279 people with TBI completed the CIM, as well as other measures of community integration and quality of life, and were followed up to 15 years after injury. The CIM was found to be a reliable instrument with adequate internal consistency. Validity was demonstrated in its relationship to other measures of community integration and life satisfaction. Utility was evident in its prediction of perceived social support. Results suggest that the CIM is an adequate measure of community integration for people with histories of TBI of up to 15 years.
Griffen, J.A., Hanks, R.A., Meachen, S.J.
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