The SCIRehab project: Treatment time spent in SCI rehabilitation: Therapeutic recreation treatment time during inpatient rehabilitation

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Journal Article
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Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine
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2011, vol. 34, issue 2, pp 176-185
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Study examined the amount of time spent on specific therapeutic recreation (TR) activities during inpatient rehabilitation for spinal cord injury (SCI). Data were collected from 600 patients with traumatic SCI admitted to six rehabilitation centers during the first year of enrollment in the SCIRehab project. Certified therapeutic recreation specialists documented time spent on each of a set of specific TR activities during each patient encounter. Patterns of time use are described, for all patients and by neurologic category. Ordinary least-squares stepwise regression models are used to identify patient and injury characteristics predictive of total treatment time (overall and average per week) and time spent in TR activities. Results indicated that 94 percent of patients enrolled in the SCIRehab study participated in TR. Patients received a mean total of 17.5 hours of TR; significant differences were seen in the amount of time spent in each activity among and within neurologic groups. The majority (76 percent) of patients participated in at least one structured therapeutic outing. Patient and injury characteristics explained little of the variation in time spent within activities.
Gassaway J, Dijkers M, Rider C, Edens K, Cahow C, Joyce J
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