Inpatient and postdischarge rehabilitation services provided in the first year after spinal cord injury: Findings from the SCIRehab study

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Journal Article
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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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2011, vol. 92, issue 3, pp 361-368
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Study examined the amount and type of therapy services received in inpatient and post-discharge settings during the first year after spinal cord injury (SCI). Data were obtained from 493 patients with traumatic SCI admitted to 6 rehabilitation centers participating in the SCIRehab study. Inpatient data were collected prospectively by the treating clinicians; post-discharge service data were collected by patient self-report during follow-up interviews. The total hours of therapy during initial inpatient rehabilitation and after discharge up to the first anniversary of injury were calculated by service type: physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech therapy, recreation therapy, psychology, social work/case management, and nursing education. Of the total hours spent on these rehabilitation interventions during the first year after injury, 44 percent occurred after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation. Participants received 56 percent of their PT hours after discharge and 52 percent of their OT hours, but only a minority received any post-discharge services from other rehabilitation disciplines. While wide variation was found in the total hours of inpatient treatment across all disciplines, the variation in the total hours of post-discharge services was greater, with the interquartile range of post-discharge services being twice that of the inpatient services.
Whiteneck G, Gassaway J, Dijkers M, Lammertse D, Hammond F, Heinemann A, Backus D, Charlifue S, Ballard P, Zanca J
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