Participation in organized sports is positively associated with employment in adults with spinal cord injury

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Journal Article
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American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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2013, vol. 92, issue 5, pp 393-401
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Study examined the relationship between participation in organized sports programs and employment in 149 adults with chronic spinal cord injury (SCI). Motor level and completeness of injury were confirmed by physical examination. Information related to demographics, employment, level of education, body mass index, duration of injury, participation in individually planned exercise, and participation in organized sports was obtained using a standardized questionnaire. Multivariable logistic regression analyses were used to assess associations between subjects’ characteristics and employment status. In univariate analyses, employment was associated with younger age and a higher level of education, whereas obesity decreased the likelihood of employment. Participation in organized sports approached significance. In the multivariable analysis and after adjusting for age, education, and body mass index, participation in organized sports was significantly associated with employment. Sex, duration of injury, wheelchair use, and participation in individually planned exercise were not significantly associated with employment. Results showed that in the adults with chronic SCI, participation in organized sports was positively associated with employment. Further studies are necessary to determine the causative nature of this association and how various factors related to sports participation may contribute.
Blauwet C, Sudhakar S, Doherty A, Garshick E, Zafonte R, Morse LR
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