Co-morbidity of substance abuse and traumatic brain injury

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Journal Article
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Journal of Dual Diagnosis
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2009, vol. 5, issue , pp 404-417
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While there has been considerable research on the patterns of pre- and post-substance use among individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI), little is known about the incidence of co-morbidity between TBI and substance abuse (SA) in individuals whose primary disorder is SA. In the current study, the prevalence of co-occurring TBI in individuals seeking treatment for SA was examined. A total of 845 individuals seeking treatment for SA in New York State were screened via the Brain Injury Screening Questionnaire for the presence of a co-morbid TBI. Results indicate that more than 50% of the sample had results that were positive for a TBI. On average, individuals reported a mean of 6 ± 8 blows to the head, with the number ranging from 0 to 57 and the average age of the first TBI being 14.5 years. Results indicate a high level of co-morbidity between TBI and SA and the need for routine screening for TBI in this population.
Sacks, A.; Fenske, C.; Gordon, W.; Cantor, J.C.; Ashman, T.; Hibbard, M.; Perez, K.; Brandau, S.; Spielman, L.
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