Satisfaction ratings after receiving internet-based cognitive rehabilitation in persons with memory impairments after severe acquired brain injury

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Journal Article
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Telemedicine Journal and E-Health
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2010, vol. 16, issue , pp 417-423
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OBJECTIVE: This study looked at patient satisfaction with an Internet-based cognitive rehabilitation program, which has been previously shown to be associated with functional improvements.<br /> <br /> MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fourteen individuals with documented traumatic brain injury and memory impairments completed this study. Participants completed 60 sessions of Internet-based cognitive rehabilitation: 30 sessions of an active calendar intervention and 30 sessions of a control diary intervention. A four-question satisfaction questionnaire (responses were generated using a seven-point Likert scale) was completed after 30 sessions and again after 60 sessions. <br /><br /> RESULTS: No significant differences in satisfaction were found between time of assessment and treatment condition. In addition, a higher level of calendar use prior to beginning the study was associated with greater satisfaction at study completion.<br /> <br /> CONCLUSION: These results suggest that persons with traumatic brain injury are not only willing to use the Internet to receive cognitive rehabilitation treatment, but are generally highly satisfied with the treatment. Further, individuals with some baseline compensatory strategies may be particularly well suited to this method of treatment.
Bergquist, T.F.; Thompson, K.; Gehl, C.; Pineda, J.M.
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