Ageing with spinal cord injury: Cross-sectional and longitudinal effects

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Ageing with spinal cord injury: Cross-sectional and longitudinal effects
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Journal Article
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Spinal Cord
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2001, vol. 39, issue 6, pp 301-309
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Study aimed at separating the cross-sectional and longitudinal components of aging with spinal cord injury (SCI). Cross-sectional effects of age and years post-injury (YPI) were compared to longitudinal change in outcomes for 315 people who underwent SCI prior to 1971. Results indicate that outcomes frequently changed longitudinally without showing any cross-sectional differences. Cross-sectional age was more commonly associated with the worsening of a condition while cross-sectional YPI was commonly associated with improvement. After controlling for cross-sectional effects, psychological measures generally showed minor deterioration, measures of community integration both improved and deteriorated, upper extremity pain increased, lower extremity pain decreased, and participants tended to quit smoking.
Weitzenkamp, D. A.; Jones, R. H.; Whiteneck, G. G.; Young, D. A.
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