Primary caregivers of persons with brain injury: Life change 1 year after injury

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Primary caregivers of persons with brain injury: Life change 1 year after injury
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Journal Article
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Brain Injury
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1998, vol. 12, issue 6, pp 483-493
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Study examines the impact of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) on the primary caregiver of the injured person 1 year after the injury. Sixty-one participants completed questionnaires to determine the amount of social support received by caregivers (assessed by the Relative and Friend Support Index and the Social Support Index); caregivers' perception of patients' deficits (Trauma Complaints List); and the degree of life change experienced by caregivers (Life Change Question). Results indicated that the majority of caregivers had experienced negative changes in their lives as a result of the brain injury. The more patient deficits were perceived by the primary caregiver, the greater the degree of negative life change. Support of family and friends was significant in predicting life change when considered with perceived deficits. Implications for counseling and further research are discussed. This document is included in NCDDR's Guide to Traumatic Brain Injury Resources Produced by NIDRR Grantees, number C.35.
Wallace, C. A.; Bogner, J.; Corrigan, J. D.; Clinchot, D.; Mysiw, W. J.; Fugate, L. P.
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