Effects of level and degree of spinal cord injury on male orgasm

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Effects of level and degree of spinal cord injury on male orgasm
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Journal Article
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Spinal Cord
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2006, vol. 44, issue 12, pp 798-804
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Article describes a laboratory-based analysis of the ability of 45 men with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and 16 able-bodied control subjects to achieve orgasm. Subjects underwent a complete history and physical examination, neurological examination, and administration of the International Index of Erectile Function. Results showed that men with SCI were less likely than controls to achieve orgasm. Men with incomplete SCI were more likely to achieve orgasm than those with complete SCI. A number of men with SCI achieved orgasm without ejaculation. Mean latency to orgasm, blood pressure, and heart rates at orgasm were similar between controls and men with SCI.
Sipski, M.; Alexander, C. J.; Gomez-Marin, O.
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