Test-re-test reliability of the virtual planning test

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Test-re-test reliability of the virtual planning test
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Journal Article
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Brain Injury
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2005, vol. 19, issue 11, pp 1191-1196
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Study evaluated the test-retest reliability of the Virtual Planning Test (VIP), an executive functioning test of planning and organization, in a group of healthy young adults as a precursor to determining the appropriateness of using the VIP to assess people with traumatic brain injury (TBI). The VIP and the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised (HVLT-R) were administered to each subject twice, with 6 to 8 weeks between the 2 test sessions. Standard Pearson correlation coefficients and 95 percent confidence intervals were calculated to determine the VIP test-retest reliability, which ranged from 0.194 to 0.489. Results indicate that the VIP does not have useful test-retest reliability when administered to healthy young adults. Knowing how well a healthy young adult performs the first time taking the VIP appears to predict little about how that adult will perform the second time on the test.
O'Neil-Pirozzi, T. M.; Goldstein, R.
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