Acute Cognitive and Neurobehavioral Intervention: Efficacy Evaluation with Families

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Janet Niemeier, Ph.D.
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patients and families post-brain injury
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Lengths of stay in inpatient rehabilitation following brain injury have declined over the last decade. Concerns have been expressed that many patients are discharged home to family members who are inadequately equipped to help. Increased stress is a common challenge faced by family members in the early days after traumatic acquired brain injury (TBI), and many families report unmet needs for information and support. The Brain Injury Inpatient Guide for Families and Caregivers (BIIG-FACS), developed by J. Niemeier and J. Kreutzer, is a comprehensive intervention to meet the needs of family members and significant others of patients who are undergoing acute brain injury rehabilitation. Program development was guided by considerable clinical experience, research review, and solicited consumer feedback. The intervention has been manualized to facilitate efficient and effective administration. Now, a rigorous investigation involving randomized assignment to treatment and control groups is needed to empirically examine outcomes. Helping family members to cope more effectively has the potential to improve outcomes for persons with TBI. Strengthening families can enable persons with TBI to live more independently, achieve greater community integration, and live healthier lives. The proposed investigation serves as a logical next step forward in advancing our understanding of standardized interventions designed to serve the family unit.