Hot Topic Module: Exercise after Burn Injury

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This Hot Topic Module consists of a suite of resources to help individuals with burn injury understand how exercise can enhance their recovery and quality of life.



Featured Video and Short Video Clips

Exercise After Burn Injury
Our featured video and short video clips highlight three burn survivors who share the profound experience of beginning an exercise routine after burn injury. They also include the perspectives of health care professionals at the Boston-Harvard Burn Injury Model System center, who explain the importance of and strategies for exercising after burn injury.

Additional Resources on Exercise After Burn Injury

Exercise After Burn Injury Factsheet
Doing exercise and different types of movement after a burn injury are important for recovery. The sooner you begin everyday activity, the better. Sitting up, getting out of bed, and walking will help you leave the hospital sooner. This factsheet describes what activities you can do to make your muscles stronger and keep your joints moving.

Exercise After Burn Injury Slideshow
As your burns heal after a burn injury you may notice that your skin feels tighter. You may not be able to move your joints as far and as freely as before. This tightness and lack of movement may make it harder to take care of your everyday activities like bathing, dressing, and eating. View the slideshow to learn more about how exercise after burn injury can help you regain you're range of motion.

Related Resources

Body Image After Burn Injury Factsheet and Slideshow
Major burn injuries can change how the body looks and functions and lead to body image distress. Body image is defined as how satisfied, comfortable and confident a person is with his or her appearance. This factsheet and slideshow provides tips for understanding and improving your body image.

Social Interaction After Burn Injury Factsheet and Slideshow
The way people react (verbally and non-verbally) can make it more difficult to feel confident during social interactions. While some burn survivors are not bothered by the reactions of others, you may find it helpful to learn social skills to face these challenges successfully. This factsheet and slideshow addresses these and other issues related to social interactions after a burn injury.