Ali Weinstein, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor - George Mason University

Ali Weinstein Senior Advisor photoDr. Ali A. Weinstein is an Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Science and the Deputy Director of the Center for Study of Chronic Illness and Disability (CCID). She has extensive experience conducting human bio behavioral experiments in the laboratory and field, and she conducts survey research regarding prescription of healthcare behaviors by physicians. Dr. Weinstein’s training and research experience has developed her expertise in the design and conduct of experimental and longitudinal studies. She has contributed to projects involving ambulatory monitoring of physical activity, and performed cross-sectional evaluations to identify differences between individuals with and without Major Depressive Disorder. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of Dr. Weinstein’s focus, she routinely collaborates with psychologists, physicians of various specialties, nurses, biostatisticians, and epidemiologists to study exercise and mood, cardiovascular reactivity to stress, and co-morbidity of physical and mental health problems among various populations, including healthy men and women; civilians and military personnel; and people with heart disease, fibromyalgia, or depression.