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Consumer Testing of Research-Based Products

The MSKTC hosted a KT webinar on consumer testing which discussed the process of consumer testing, as well as its significant value to researchers and the materials they produce.

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Media Sense and Savvy: Getting the Scoop on Effective Media Engagement

The MSKTC hosted a KT webinar which discusses how you and your organization can effectively engage the media on your research. You can also find tips and guidelines to aid with your engagement.

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Web Clinic: Social Media Analytics

The MSKTC hosted a web clinic on social media analytics in response to Model Systems grantees who are managing social media platforms. This web clinic helped grantees understand what types of data can be tracked and shared.

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Using Social Media to Promote Research

This webinar will help your research teams to understand how to use social media to raise awareness about your work. Join us and three Model Systems grantees to learn about goals, processes, challenges, and tools to plan your social media strategy.

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Engaging Policymakers: A Self-Paced Course

Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center offers Free Tool to Engage Policymakers! Engaging Policymakers is a free learning tool to help your research team inform policy. This ½ hour online presentation discusses how this tool can help extend the reach of your research to the policy arena.

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Getting to Outcomes: A Knowledge Translation Webinar for Model Systems Grantees

This KT Webinar on Measuring Outcomes helps researchers consider the types of outcomes they might like to measure, and how to go about measuring those outcomes to determine the effects of their research on various audiences.

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Engaging with Audiences: A Learning Collaborative

The MSKTC held a Knowledge Translation (KT) webinar on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, for 35 Model Systems (MS) grantees. This webinar offered an opportunity for MS grantees across the injury areas to discuss their stakeholder engagement process.

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