Systematic Review: Prevention and Treatment of Bone Loss in SCI

AUTHORSAshe MCCraven CEng JJKrassioukov Athe SCIRE Research Team.

Preserving and maintaining bone mass after a spinal cord injury (SCI) is crucial to decrease the risk of fragility or low trauma fractures- significant health events that occur as a result of minimal trauma such as falling during transfers or from a standing height or less. There is an increased risk for low trauma fractures after a SCI especially in the lower extremity. Therefore, purpose of this systematic review was to appraise the literature to provide clinical guidance for the optimization of bone health after SCI. The key research questions focused on prevention of acute bone loss and effective treatment of established low bone mass with long-standing SCI (≥ 1year). We report moderate evidence for the treatment of bone loss using pharmacology; however, non-pharmacological evidence for preventing and treating bone loss is limited.

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