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Albert Einstein Healthcare Network Publications


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Methodology for the development and calibration of the SCI-QOL item banks Barker MD, Whyte J, Pretz CR, Sherer M, Temkin N, Hammond FM, Saad Z, Novack T Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine 2014
Ultrasonographic Changes of the Median Nerve Indicative of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are Related to Hand Placement During Transfers Cantor J, Ashman T, Bushnik T, Cai X, Farrell-Carnahan L, Gumber S, Hart T, Rosenthal J, Dijkers M Proceedings of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America 2014
Psychological Sequelae of the Station Nightclub Fire: Comparing Survivors with and without Physical Injuries Using a Mixed-Methods Analysis Hart T, Kozlowski A, Whyte J, Poulsen I, Kristensen K, Nordenbo A, Heinemann AW PLOS One 2014
Adiponectin is Associated with Bone Strength and Fracture History in Paralyzed Men with Spinal Cord Injury Tan C, Battaglino R, Doherty A, Gupta R, Lazzari A, Garshick E, Zafonte R, Morse LR. OSTEOPOROSIS INTERNATIONAL 2014