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Spinal Cord Injury in the Child and Young Adult Brooks J, Shavelle RM, Strauss DJ, Hammond FM, Harrison-Felix CL 2015
Burn Injuries and Impact on Cognitive-Communication Skills: Role of the Speech Language Pathologist Violick Boole K, Camara K, Durkin M, Hendricks CT, Goldstein R, Ryan CM, Schneider JC Journal of Burn Care & Research 2015
Stability of vocational interests after recent spinal cord injury Brooks J, Shavelle RM, Strauss DJ, Hammond FM, Harrison-Felix CL Rehabilitation Psychology 2015
Systematic review of interventions for fatigue after traumatic brain injury: a NIDRR traumatic brain injury model systems study Greenwald BD, Hammond FM, Harrison-Felix C, Nakase-Richardson R, Howe LLS, Kreider S Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation 2015
Measuring Psychological Trauma after Spinal Cord Injury: Development, Validation and Psychometric Characteristics of the SCI-QOL Trauma Item Bank and Short Form Hammond FM, Davis CS, Cook JR, Philbrick P, Hirsch MA Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine 2015
Assessing the Ability of Comorbidity Indexes to Capture Comorbid Disease in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Burn Injury Population Slocum CS, Goldstein R, DiVita MA, Mix J, Niewczyk P, Gerrard P, Sheridan R, Kowalske KJ, Zafonte R, Ryan CM, Schneider JC: American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 2015
Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection for Patients with Neurogenic Bladder Hammond FM, Knotts A, Pershad R, Norton HJ Current Bladder Dysfunction Reports 2014
Shoulder Strength and Physical Activity Predictors of Shoulder Pain in People With Paraplegia From Spinal Injury: Prospective Cohort Study Harrison-Felix C, Pretz C, Hammond FM, Cuthbert JP, Bell J, Corrigan J, Miller CA Physical Therapy 2014
Cognition in Patients With Burn Injury in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Population Purohit, M., Goldstein, R., Nadler, D., Mathews, K., Slocum, C., Gerrard, P. DiVita, M.A.,Ryan, C.M., Zafonte, R ..Kowalske, K.., Schneider, J. C Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2014
Burn rehabilitation outcomes: lessons learned from the uniform data system for medical rehabilitation Schneider, J.C.,Mathews, K, Ryan, C.M.. Journal of Burn Care & Research 2014