Ohio Regional SCI Model System (ORSCIMS)

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is the main care provider for Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation in central Ohio with inpatient and outpatient facilities.

As an academic medical center, the Ohio State University combines a comprehensive continuum of state of the art SCI care with an academic research mission.

Dodd Rehabilitation Hospital Hall is a 60-bed inpatient facility founded in 1961. The Ohio State University (OSU) Inpatient SCI-Rehabilitation Programs and Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF recognizes programs to meeting the highest standards in quality, safety, and outcome measures, which provide risk-reduction and accountability in patient care.

Embedded into a long tradition of visible and original SCI research, OSU hosts the full translational spectrum ranging from basic, preclinical and clinical research.

The Ohio Regional SCI Model Systems (ORSCIMS) Program at OSU acts in liaison with the clinical Neurorecovery Network (NRN) Center dedicated to offer intensive activity-based therapies to individuals living with spinal cord injury. OSU is an active member of national and international consortia focusing on spinal cord injury research and care around the globe.

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is designated by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) as a Model System for spinal cord injury in 2016.

Ohio Regional SCI Model System (ORSCIMS) Publications


Title Author Journal Year
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Spinal cord injury-induced immunodeficiency is mediated by a sympathetic-neuroendocrine adrenal reflex Prüss H, MD, Tedeschi, A, PhD, Thiriot A, PhD, Lynch L, PhD, Loughhead SM, PhD, Stutte S, PhD, Mazo IB, PhD, Kopp MA, MD, Brommer B, PhD, Blex C, PhD, Geurtz LC, MD, Liebscher T, MD, Niedeggen A, MD, Dirnagl U, MD, Bradke F, PhD, Volz MS, MD, DeVivo MJ, PhD, Chen Y, MD PhD, von Andrian UH, MD PhD, Schwab JM, MD PhD Nature Neuroscience 2017