Kathy Kalmar, Ph.D.

Form I Research Coordinator - New Jersey TBI Model System at JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute

Chief Neuropsychologist for the Brain Trauma Unit and Extended Recovery Unit of the Johnson Rehabilitation Institute’s Center for Head Injuries at JFK Medical Center. She is also the Coordinator of Inpatient Neuropsychological Services to JFK Medical Center and Johnson Rehabilitation Institute. In this capacity, she works with brain-injured adults and their families, providing neuropsychological evaluation, testing, education and support. She provides consultation to medical and therapy staff; oversees clinical patient care, and provides assistance to the rehabilitation team as needed. In addition, Dr. Kalmar is Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, UMDNJ, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Jersey. Her research interests include diagnostic, outcome, and treatment issues pertinent to patients with disorders of consciousness, mild traumatic brain injuries and cognitive rehabilitation, she has many publications. She is also an active member of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.