Development and initial evaluation of the SCI-FI/AT

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Journal Article
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The Journal Of Spinal Cord Medicine
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2015, vol. 38, issue 3, pp
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Objectives To describe the domain structure and calibration of the Spinal Cord Injury Functional Index for samples using Assistive Technology (SCI-FI/AT) and report the initial psychometric properties of each domain. Design Cross sectional survey followed by computerized adaptive test (CAT) simulations. Setting Inpatient and community settings. Participants A sample of 460 adults with traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) stratified by level of injury, completeness of injury, and time since injury. Interventions None Main outcome measure SCI-FI/AT Results Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and Item response theory (IRT) analyses identified 4 unidimensional SCI-FI/AT domains: Basic Mobility (41 items) Self-care (71 items), Fine Motor Function (35 items), and Ambulation (29 items). High correlations of full item banks with 10-item simulated CATs indicated high accuracy of each CAT in estimating a person's function, and there was high measurement reliability for the simulated CAT scales compared with the full item bank. SCI-FI/AT item difficulties in the domains of Self-care, Fine Motor Function, and Ambulation were less difficult than the same items in the original SCI-FI item banks. Conclusion With the development of the SCI-FI/AT, clinicians and investigators have available multidimensional assessment scales that evaluate function for users of AT to complement the scales available in the original SCI-FI.
CrossRef citations 4 Altmetric Research Articles Development and initial evaluation of the SCI-FI/AT Alan M. Jette, Mary D. Slavin, Pengsheng Ni, Pamela A. Kisala, David S. Tulsky, Allen W. Heinemann, Susie Charlifue, Denise G. Tate, Denise Fyffe, Leslie Morse, Ralph Marino, Ian Smith & Steve Williams
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