Differential Impact and Use of a Telehealth Intervention by Persons with MS or SCI

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Differential Impact and Use of a Telehealth Intervention by Persons with MS or SCI
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Journal Article
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American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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2015, vol. 1, issue , pp ePub
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Study compared outcomes and patterns of engaging with a telehealth intervention (CareCall) by adult wheelchair users with severe mobility limitations. A secondary analysis was conducted of data from a pilot randomized controlled trial with 106 participants with spinal cord injury (SCI) and 36 participants with multiple sclerosis (MS). General linear model results showed that an interaction between baseline depression score and study group signi?cantly predicted reduced depression at 6 months for subjects with both diagnoses. For those with MS, CareCall increased participants’ physical independence. No statistically signi?cant differences in skin integrity were found between study groups for subjects with either diagnosis. All participants were similarly satis?ed with CareCall, although those with MS engaged in almost double the amount of calls per person than those with SCI. Those with SCI missed more calls and required more extensive support from a nurse than those with MS. This study showed that an interactive telephone intervention was effective in reducing depression in adult wheelchair users with either MS or SCI, and in increasing health care access and physical independence for those with a diagnosis of MS. Future research should aim to enhance the ef?cacy of such an intervention for participants with SCI.
Saunders LL, Clarke A, Tate DG, Forchheimer M, Krause JS.
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