An expanded delivery model for outpatient burn rehabilitation

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An expanded delivery model for outpatient burn rehabilitation
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Journal Article
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2015, vol. 1, issue 36, pp 14-22
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Study evaluated the efficacy of utilizing an expanded care coordinator (ECC) to supplement existing outpatient burn rehabilitation services. In this between-group, single-blind, randomized controlled trial, the 41 patients in the control group received standard outpatient care and the 40 experimental group patients received additional services provided by the ECC, including telephone calls at set intervals. The ECC was trained in motivational interviewing, crisis intervention, and solution-focused counseling. He assisted patients before and after each clinic visit, coordinated outpatient services in their geographic area, and helped develop problem-solving approaches to accomplish individualized goals. Outcome measures included patient goals identified utilizing the Goal Attainment Scale, the Burn-Specific Health Scale-Brief, the Short Form 12, a patient satisfaction survey, and a return to work survey. The patient and injury characteristics were similar between the study groups. The average length of hospitalization was 36 days. No differences in outcomes between the groups were found. All participants appreciated the individualized goal setting process that was used as an outcome measure and this may have accounted for the similar outcomes in both the groups. Although most patients with burn injuries may not need an intervention that is this intensive, a subset of patients at higher risk or with more severe injuries may benefit from more intensive and personalized services. Future research should examine the benefits of individual goal setting processes for all the patients and also attempt to identify those patients most at risk for poorer outcomes and therefore, likely to benefit of more intensive personalized services.
Wiechman,SA, Carrougher GJ, Esselman PC, Klein MB, Martinez EM,Engrav LH, Gibran NS.
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