Methodological quality of research on cognitive rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury

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Journal Article
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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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2009, vol. 90, issue 11 Suppl, pp S52-S59
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Objective: To evaluate the methodological quality of research on cognitive rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury (TBI). Data Sources: Secondary analysis of studies identified in prior systematic reviews of cognitive rehabilitation. Study Selection: Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and observational studies involving exclusively or primarily participants with TBI. Data Extraction: Criteria for evaluating methodological quality were adapted from plior reviews of rehabilitation research.These criteria were modified to be relevant to cogrutive rehabilitation research. Sixteen criteria for evaluating the quality of RCTs were applied: 8 relating to the internal validity of studies, 5 descriptive critelia, and 3 statistical criteria. Twelve of these criteria were used to evaluate non-RCT observational studies. Data Synthesis: Thirty·two RCTs and 21 observational studies were independently reviewed and rated by 2 of theauthors. Initial agreement between raters for individual studies ranged from 57% to 100%. Interrater reliabilities based on the kappa statistic indicated moderate to substantial agreement. Conclusions: Several high·quality RCTs support the effectiveness of interventions for attention, communication skills, and executive functioning after TBI. Several high·quality observational studies support the effectiveness of comprehensive holistic rehabilitation after TBI, including improvements in participation outcomes. The proposed criteria appears useful for evaluating the quality of research on cogmtlve rehabllitatlonand improving the design and reporting of future research in this area. Key Words: Brain injuries; Rehabilitation; Review [publication type].
Cicerone, K. Azulay J. Trott C.
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