A randomized clinical trial on preventing pressure ulcers with wheelchair seat cushions

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Journal Article
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Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
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2010, vol. 58, issue 12, pp 2308-2314
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Study evaluated the efficacy of skin protection wheelchair seat cushions in preventing pressure ulcers in the elderly nursing home population. Participants were 232 nursing home residents, aged 65 and older, who used wheelchairs for 6 or more hours per day. All participants were provided with a fitted wheelchair and randomly assigned to a skin protection cushion (SPC) or segmented foam cushion (SFC). The SPC group received an air, viscous fluid and foam, or gel and foam cushion. The SFC group received a 7.6-cm crosscut foam cushion. Pressure ulcer incidence for wounds near the ischial tuberosities (IT ulcers) were measured over 6 months. Secondary analysis was performed on combined IT ulcers and ulcers over the sacrum and coccyx (sacral ulcers). One hundred eighty participants reached a study end point, and 42 were lost to follow-up. Ten did not receive the intervention. There were eight (6.7 percent) IT ulcers in the SFC group and one (0.9 percent) in the SPC group. There were 21 (17.6 percent) combined IT and sacral ulcers in the SFC group and 12 (10.6 percent) in the SPC group. The results indicate that skin protection cushions used with fitted wheelchairs lower pressure ulcer incidence for elderly nursing home residents and should be used to help prevent pressure ulcers.
Brienza D, Kelsey S, Karg P, Allegretti A, Olson M, Schmeler M, Zanca J, Geyer MJ, Kusturiss M, Holm M
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