Changes in employment status and earnings after spinal cord injury: A pilot comparison from pre to post injury

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Journal Article
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Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
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2011, vol. 16, issue 4, pp 74079
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Study identified changes in employment status and earnings after spinal cord injury (SCI). Interview data were collected collaboratively at 3 centers designated as SCI Model Systems. The employment rate substantially decreased from 83.3 percent at injury to 24.5 percent at follow-up (average of 3.8 years post injury). There were no significant differences in conditional earnings (earnings among those employed) between the 2 times of measurement. However, there was a significant decrease in unconditional earnings (allocating $0 for those unemployed). Those who returned to their preinjury employer reported greater conditional earnings. The findings suggest that SCI presents a significant barrier to vocational functioning.
Krause, J. S., Edles, P., & Charlifue, S.
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