Psychiatric diagnoses after hospitalization with work-related burn injuries in Washington state

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Journal Article
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Journal of Burn Care and Research
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2011, vol. 32, issue 3, pp 369-378
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Study examined workers who were hospitalized with work-related burn injuries and their psychiatric sequelae in Washington State. Psychiatric sequelae of interest were depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and other anxiety disorders. Workers' compensation claims for burn patients from Washington State hospitalized from January 2001 through April 2008 were identified. The resulting claims were searched for the presence of certain psychiatric diagnoses or treatment codes, and descriptive analyses were performed. Of the 329 workers hospitalized with work-related burns during the study period, 62 (19 percent) had a psychiatric diagnosis of interest. Claims with psychiatric diagnoses had higher medical costs and more days of time loss than those without these diagnoses. Workers with electrical burns in the construction industry and in construction and extraction occupations had a higher proportion of psychiatric sequelae. Workers who were married also has proportionately more psychiatric diagnoses.
Anderson NJ, Bonauto DK, Adams D
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