Measuring coping behavior in patients with major burn injuries: A psychometric evaluation of the BCOPE

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Journal Article
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Journal of Burn Care and Research
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2011, vol. 32, issue 3, pp 392-398
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Study assessed psychometric properties of the brief COPE (BCOPE) in hospitalized patients with burn injury. The BCOPE is a 28-item measure developed from the full-version COPE inventory (60 items) to provide an efficient means of assessing coping behaviors. A total of 362 participants admitted to the hospital with a major burn injury were evaluated. In addition to the BCOPE survey completed at discharge, and at 6 and 24 months after discharge, participants completed the Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS), the Satisfaction with Appearance Scale (SWAP), and the Short-Form 12 Health Survey (SF-12). Exploratory factorial analysis was conducted to evaluate patterns of coping strategies. To assess construct validity, the BCOPE scale scores were correlated with the distress measures across time points. Exploratory factorial analysis revealed seven factors accounting for 51 percent of total variance. The pattern matrix indicated four items loaded onto factor 1 (active coping) and four onto factor 2 (avoidant coping). The remaining 5 factors (humor, religion, emotional support, venting, and acceptance) were consistent with original scale assignments. Construct validity of BCOPE scales (active and avoidant) was demonstrated by their association with the DTS, SF-12, and SWAP. The results indicate that the BCOPE is valid, reliable, and can be meaningfully interpreted.
Amoyal N, Mason ST, Gould NF, Corry N, Mahfouz S, Barkey A, Fauerbach JA
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