What's new in Shock, June 2010?

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Journal Article
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2010, vol. 33, issue 6, pp 559-561
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Article provides an overview of the current month’s edition of SHOCK, which presents a diverse range of outstanding clinical and basic science investigations. Topics include: prediction of morbidity and mortality after trauma, burns, and sepsis through physiological, inflammatory, cellular, and genetic patterns; stem cell cardioprotection; hemorrhage control through nerve stimulation; models of sepsis exploring modulation by toll-like receptor agonists, microvascular fluid leak, immune cell receptor regulation, and gastric mucosal barrier disruption; pancreatic injury following abdominal compartment syndrome; vasopressin and anaphylaxis; and the anti-inflammatory effects of oxygen therapy and thiazolidinediones (rosiglitazone and pioglitazone).
Al-Mousawi A, Jeschke MG, Herndon DN
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