Predictors of sexual functioning and satisfaction 1 year following traumatic brain injury: A TBI model systems multicenter study

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Journal Article
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Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation
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2013, vol. 28, issue 3, pp 186-194
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Study investigated predictors of sexual functioning 1 year following traumatic brain injury (TBI). A total of 255 people with TBI who had been treated at 1 of 6 TBI Model Systems inpatient rehabilitation units and were living in the community participated. Sexual functioning was assessed using the Derogatis Interview for Sexual Functioning-Self-Report and the Global Sexual Satisfaction Index. Predictor variable included age, gender, and injury severity). The following measures were also used as predictors: Functional Independence Measure, Participation Assessment With Recombined Tools-Objective, and Patient Health Questionnaire-9. Analyses revealed that older age, female gender, and more severe injury were associated with greater sexual dysfunction 1 year following injury. As age increased from 24 to 49 years, the odds of sexual impairment increased more than 3-fold. Females were 2.5 times more likely than males to report sexual impairment. Greater social participation was predictive of better sexual functioning. Dissatisfaction with sexual functioning was predicted by older age and depression. Results suggest that older adults and females appear to be at greater risk for sexual dysfunction after TBI and may benefit from specialized assessment and treatment services. Relationships were identified between social participation and sexual function and between depression and sexual satisfaction that may serve as clinical indicators for further assessment and intervention.
Sander A, Maestas KL, Nick TG, Pappadis MR, Hammond FM, Hanks RA
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