B-cell maturation antigen, a proliferation-inducing ligand, and b-cell activating factor are candidate mediators of spinal cord injury-induced autoimmunity

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Journal Article
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Journal of Neurotrauma
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2013, vol. 30, issue 6, pp 1-7
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Study investigated the molecular signaling pathways and mechanisms by which autoimmunity is induced after spinal cord injury (SCI), with the goal of identifying potential targets in therapies designed to reduce tissue damage and inflammation in the chronic phase of SCI. To that end, an exploratory microarray analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells was performed to identify differentially expressed genes in chronic SCI. The results identified a gene network associated with lymphoid tissue structure and development that was composed of 29 distinct molecules and five protein complexes, including two cytokines, a proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL) and B-cell–activating factor (BAFF), and one receptor, B-cell maturation antigen (BMCA) involved in B cell development, proliferation, activation, and survival. Real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis from ribonucleic acid samples confirmed upregulation of these three genes in SCI. It is believed that this is the first report that peripheral blood mononuclear cells produce increased levels of BAFF and APRIL in chronic SCI. This finding provides evidence of systemic regulation of SCI-autoimmunity via APRIL and BAFF mediated activation of B cells through BMCA and points toward these molecules as potential targets of therapies designed to reduce neuroinflammation after SCI.
Saltzman J, Battaglino RA, Salles L, Jha P, Sudhakar S, Garshick E, Stott HL, Zafonte R, Morse LR
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