A descriptive study on vitamin d levels in individuals with spinal cord injury in an acute inpatient rehabilitation setting

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Journal Article
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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2010, vol. 2, issue , pp 202-8
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OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of inadequate or severely deficient levels of vitamin D in patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) admitted to an inpatient rehabilitation service and to describe any associations between patient demographics and injury characteristics and vitamin D levels. <br /> <br /> DESIGN: Retrospective case series.<br /><br /> SETTING: Academic inpatient SCI rehabilitation program.<br /><br /> SUBJECTS: One hundred patients with SCI who were consecutively admitted to acute inpatient rehabilitation from January to December 2007. <br /> METHODS: Data were retrospectively abstracted from the patient's medical chart.<br /> <br /> OUTCOME MEASURE: VitD-25(OH).<br /><br /> RESULTS: The prevalence of VitD-25(OH) inadequacy or severe deficiency was 93% in this sample of patients with SCI. The mean VitD-25(OH) level was 16.29 +/- 7.73 ng/mL, with a range from 7.00 to 36.80 ng/mL. Twenty-one percent of the sample had VitD-25(OH) levels that were considered as severely deficient (< or =10 ng/mL). African-American subjects had statistically significant lower mean VitD-25(OH) levels compared with Caucasian subjects (12.96 versus 17.79 ng/mL; P = .003). Persons with an incomplete injury had significant lower mean VitD-25(OH) levels compared with complete injuries (14.64 versus 18.15 ng/mL; P = .023).<br /> <br /> CONCLUSIONS: Inadequate or severely deficient levels of VitD-25(OH) were highly prevalent in patients with SCI admitted to an acute inpatient rehabilitation service. Evaluation of serum VitD-25(OH) levels are recommended in patients with SCI because low levels may contribute to osteoporosis.
Nemunaitis, G.; Mejia, M.; Nagy, J.; Johnson, T.; Chae, J.; Roach, M.J.
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