Detection of insufficient effort using the advanced clinical solutions for the Wechsler Memory Scale, fourth edition.

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Journal Article
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The Clinical Neuropsychologist
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2011, vol. 25, issue 1, pp 160-172
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This study investigated the ability of the Wechsler Memory Scale-4th Edition (WMS-IV) and the Advanced Clinical Solutions (ACS) package including the new Word Choice test (WCT) to distinguish poor performance due to intentional response bias among simulators of traumatic brain injury (TBI) from poor performance due to actual TBI. Participants were 45 survivors of moderate to severe TBI and 39 healthy adult coached to simulate TBI. Logistic regression indicated that a five-variable model containing all the ACS variables and a single-variable model using only the WCT were statistically reliable. Comparing predictive accuracy of each model found that adding the WCT to the ACS increased predictive accuracy. Diagnostic efficiency for the full ACS model was considered "excellent" according to interpretive guidelines.
Miller, J.B.; Millis, S.R.; Rapport, L.J.; Bashem, J.R.; Hanks, R. A.; Axelrod, B.N.
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