Treatments for common psychiatric conditions among children and adolescent during acute rehabilitation and reintegration phases of burn injury

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Journal Article
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International Journal of Psychiatry and Medicine
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2009, vol. 21, issue , pp 549-558
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Advances in critical care and surgical management during the last 20 years have decreased mortality rates among children with severe burn injuries. This improved survival rate has prompted researchers to study the psychological aspects of recovering from a burn injury. Initially research focused primarily on epidemiology, prevention and descriptions of the psychological phenomenon experienced by the children and adolescents. Whereas previously interventions were often utilized during the acute phases of burn injury without knowledge of the long-term effects, more recently, priorities have shifted to include long-term treatment outcome studies. The purpose of this paper is to review and discuss the current evidence-based techniques and their efficacy in the treatment of common psychological and psychiatric conditions among children and adolescents during the three major phases of burn injury.
Arceneaux, L.L.; Meyer, W.J. .
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