Test-retest reliability of the VIrtual Planning Test in individuals with traumatic brain injury.

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Journal Article
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Brain Injury
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2010, vol. 24, issue 3, pp 509-516
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Primary objective: To determine test–re-test reliability of the VIrtual Planning Test (VIP) in a group of individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Research design: Single-group repeated measures design. Methods and procedures: Seventy-five individuals with TBI were administered the VIP, with 6–8 weeks between the two test sessions. Main outcomes and results: Test–re-test reliability on VIP scoring parameters—as measured by Pearson correlation coefficients—ranged from 0.341–0.855, with five of the seven scoring parameters exhibiting r>0.6. Conclusions: Based on the findings of the current study, the VIP has overall moderate test–re-test reliability when administered to individuals with TBI. Some VIP scoring parameters, i.e. Total correct/accuracy and Total absence, demonstrated high test–re-test reliability. Others, i.e. Planning time and Total wrong order, demonstrated low test–re-test reliability. Keywords: Test–re-test reliability, executive functioning, traumatic brain injury, planning, organization
O'Neil-Pirozzi, T. M.; Goldstein, R.; Strangman, G. E.; Katz, D. I.; Glenn, M. B.
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