Analyzing trauma narratives: Introducing the narrative form index and matrix

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Journal Article
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Rehabilitation Psychology (Special issue: Methodological Advances)
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2008, vol. 53, issue 3, pp 400-411
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Purpose:Narrative form research is introduced as a unique, qualitative approach to studying narrative material, particularly trauma narratives. This methodology incorporates new analytic tools: Narrative Form Index (NFI) and Narrative Form Index Matrix (NFIM). Research Method/Design: The NFI is a standard set of narrative terms that provides a critical inventory of forms useful in processing the structure, context, and whole elements of narratives. The NFIM uses forms inventoried in the NFI as variables for finding, connecting, and displaying relevant narrative text within a matrix. Together, these companion analytic tools allow for the direct transmission of meaningfully sifted narrative data. Results: Employing the NFI and NFIM in relation to a research transcript, the authors demonstrate how narrative material is identified for inclusion in a matrix. Once arranged in a matrix, rich narrative data is available for further analysis. Conclusions/Implications: Content and form analysis and direct transmission of narrative data embodied in this approach provide salient and accurate results in qualitative data management and inference. The analytic tools described have applications for rehabilitation research and practice and can be downloaded from the authors' Web site.
Albright, K.J.; Duggan, C.H.; Epstein, MJ.
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