Depression Symptoms Among Long-term Adult Burn Survivors

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Journal Article
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Rehabilitation Psychology
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2006, vol. 51, issue , pp 306-313.
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Objective: To determine the frequency and correlates of symptoms of depression experienced by long-term burn survivors. Design: An exploratory study of a cross-sectional, self-selected sample. Participants: 311 burn survivors who were at least 3 years postburn (M 20, SD 15). Main Outcome Measure: The Short Mood and Feelings Questionnaire, which is a self-report measure of symptoms of depression. Results: Depending on the cutoff score used, 20%–30% of the sample reported clinically significant symptoms of depression. A hierarchical multiple regression model accounted for 59% of the variance in symptoms of depression. Variables were entered in 3 blocks—burn characteristics, demographic characteristics, and psychosocial characteristics. Psychosocial characteristics such as social support and social comfort accounted for a majority of the variance.
Lawrence, J.W.; Thombs, B.D.; Fauerbach, J.A.
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