Standardized ambulation assessments following spinal cord injury

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Journal Article
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Topics Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
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2008, vol. 14, issue 1, pp 39-60
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During a time of intense interest in neural recovery, there is strong emphasis on quantification of clinical outcomes. To promote responsible outcome measurement, a review of commonly used ambulation assessments was conducted, with an emphasis on application to the population with spinal cord injury (SCI). Each ambulation/walking assessment tool addressed includes a description of the examination, review of statistical support, and information on the utility of the assessment. Ambulation assessment measures are categorized by the variable being measured and considered for use either independently or in combination. In summary, no one assessment quantifies all parameters of ambulation, and comprehensive measurement is completed by using a combination of ambulation/walking assessments to document improvement in walking function after an SCI.
Schmidt-Read, M.; Sisto, S.A.; Ditunno, J.F.
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