Masculine roles and rehabilitation outcomes among men recovering from serious injuries

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Journal Article
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Psychology of Men and Masculinity
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2006, vol. 7, issue , pp 165-176
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Conceptions of masculinity were investigated for their potential relations to both help-seeking and health outcomes among men who experienced traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries. Results indicated that 9 of 17 masculinity-related indicators correlated negatively with attitudes toward psychological help-seeking. Regarding outcomes, desire for status and success correlated positively with ratings of improvement in functional independence from initial hospitalization to one-year follow-up. Conversely, the belief that men should have power over women correlated negatively with life satisfaction, and masculine role conflict correlated negatively with perception of environmental barriers to successful functioning in the community. Suggestions for practice and further research are discussed.
Good, G.E.; Schopp, L.H.; Thomson, D.; Hathaway, S.; Sanford-Martens, T.; Mazurek, M.; Mintz, L.M.
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