Depression in burn reconstruction patients: Symptom prevalence and association with body image dissatisfaction and physical function

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Journal Article
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General Hospital Psychiatry
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2007, vol. 29, issue 1, pp 14-20
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Objective: This study investigated the prevalence and the clinical correlates of symptoms of depression among burn reconstruction patients. Method: A sample of 224 burn reconstruction patients completed the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), the SF-36 Health Survey and the Satisfaction with Appearance Scale. Results: The prevalence of at least mild to moderate symptoms of depression (BDI z10) was 46%. Female patients were disproportionately represented in this burn reconstruction population (46%) compared to all survivors from the burn center (29%; P b.001) and compared to a national sample of burn survivors (27%; P b.001). Compared to males, female patients presented for consultation much longer after a burn injury ( P b.001), tended to have smaller burns ( P=.06) and were less likely to have facial burns ( P=.08). Depressive symptoms were largely predicted by body image dissatisfaction (b =.58; P b.001), with additional variance predicted by physical function (b = .13; P=.07). The effect of patient and burn injury variables on depressive symptoms was mediated by body image dissatisfaction and physical function. Conclusion: The high prevalence of significant symptoms of depression in burn reconstruction patients and their relationship with body image suggest the importance of the routine psychological screening of patients seeking reconstruction services.
Thombs, B.D.; Haines, J.; Bresnick, M.G.; Magyar-Russell, G.; Fauerbach, J.A.; Spence, R.J.
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