Penetrating head injury: A prospective study of outcomes

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Penetrating head injury: A prospective study of outcomes
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Journal Article
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Neurological Research
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2001, vol. 23, issue , pp 219-226
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The purpose of our study was to describe the outcomes of persons with penetrating brain injury resulting from a gunshot wound to the head. It is a prospective study of 442 patients admitted with gunshot wounds to the head over a 7 year period to our University Trauma Center Emergency Department, an urban trauma center and an inpatient rehabilitation hospital with a specialized brain injury unit. Measures and factors described include initial Glasgow Coma Scale score, Revised Trauma Score, the Disability Rating Scale, Functional Independence Measure, levels of cognitive functioning, patient demographics, length of stay, hospital charges, and discharge disposition. Initially 36% of patients expired in or were dead upon arrival to the Emergency Department; 64% of patients survived to be admitted for inpatient care. Of those admitted, 41% expired within the first 48 h of admission. Fifty-two percent of those admitted had severe injuries, 7% moderate injuries, and 42% had mild head injuries. Sixty-twopercent of the survivors were discharged from acute care to private residences. The remaining 38% were discharged to programs providing varying levels of care depending upon their level of functioning and care needs. Patients sustaining severe injuries following gunshot wound(s) to the head have high early mortality. Survivors able to participate in an inpatient rehabilitation program have good potential for functional improvement.
Zafonte, Ross D.; Wood, Deborah L.; Harrison-Felix, Cynthia L.; Valena, Nelson V.; Black, Kertia
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