Review of the female Duroc/Yorkshire pig model of human fibroproliferative scarring

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Review of the female Duroc/Yorkshire pig model of human fibroproliferative scarring
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Journal Article
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Wound Repair Regen
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2007, vol. 15, issue Suppl 1, pp S32-S39
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Hypertrophic scarring after burns is an unsolved problem and remains as devastating today as it was in the 40s and it may be that the main reason for this is the lack of an accepted, useful animal model. The female, red Duroc pig was described as a model of hypertrophic scarring nearly 30 years ago but then vanished from the literature. This seemed strange since the authors reported that 12 of 12 pigs developed thick scar. In the mid 90s we explored the model and found that, indeed, the red Duroc pig does make thick scar. Other authors have established that the Yorkshire pig does not heal in this fashion so there is the possibility of a same species control. We have continued to explore the Duroc/Yorkshire model and herein describe our experiences. Is it a perfect model of hypertrophic scarring? No. Is it a useful model of hypertrophic scarring? Time will tell. We have now obtained gene expression data from the Duroc/Yorkshire model and analysis is underway.
Zhu, K.Q.; Carrougher, G.J.; Gibran, N.S.; Isik, F.F.; Engrav, L.H.
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Loren H. Engrav, MD, Department of Surgery, Harborview Medical Center, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Washington, Box 359796, 325 Ninth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104
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