Nerve quantification in female red Duroc pig (FRDP) scar compared to human hypertrophic scar

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Nerve quantification in female red Duroc pig (FRDP) scar compared to human hypertrophic scar
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Journal Article
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2004, vol. 30, issue 1, pp 57-64
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A significant impediment to studying hypertrophic scar is the lack of an animal model. We have confirmed similarities between scarring in the female red Duroc pig (FRDP) and human hypertrophic scar and conclude that this model warrants validation. Reports have suggested that the cutaneous nervous system may play a role in hypertrophic scar development and several studies have shown nerve density in hypertrophic scar to be increased. The purpose of this study was to further validate the FRDP model of hypertrophic scar by quantifying nerves in FRDP tissue and comparing the findings to human hypertrophic scar. Wounds of varying depth were created on the backs of two FRDP and tissue samples were harvested at 10 days, 1 month and 5 months post-wounding. Human specimens were obtained from six burn patients. Immunohistochemistry was performed and digital images were captured. Color subtractive computer-assisted image analysis was used to quantify nerve density and nerve area fraction. The results demonstrate that nerve tissue is increased in FRDP scar tissue and is quite similar to that in human hypertrophic scar and to that described in the literature. These data provide additional evidence that the FRDP model may be useful for studying hypertrophic scarring.
Liang, Z.; Engrav, L.H.; Muangman, P.; Muffley, L.A.; Zhu, K.Q.; Carrougher, G.J.; Underwood, R.A.; Gibran, N.S.
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Nan Shan People's Hospital, ShenZhen, China
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