Augmented exercise in the treatment of deconditioning from major burn injury.

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Journal Article
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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabiltation
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2007, vol. 88, issue 12 Suppl 2, pp S18-23
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Objective To investigate the efficacy of a 12-week exercise program in producing greater improvement in aerobic capacity in adult burn survivors, relative to usual care. Design Randomized, controlled, double-blinded trial. Setting Burn center. Participants A population-based sample of 35 adult patients admitted to a burn center for treatment of a serious burn injury. Intervention A 12-week, 36-session, aerobic treadmill exercise program where work to quota (WTQ) participants intensified their exercise according to preset quotas and work to tolerance (WTT) participants continued to their tolerance. Participants completed a maximal stress test at baseline and 12 weeks to measure physical fitness. Main Outcome Measure Maximal aerobic capacity. Results The WTT and the WTQ exercise groups both made significant improvements in aerobic capacity from baseline to 12 weeks (t=-3.60, P=.01; t=-3.17, P=.01, respectively). The control group did not (t=-1.39, P=.19). WTT and WTQ participants demonstrated significantly greater improvements in aerobic capacity in comparison to the control group members (F=4.6, P=.05). The WTT and WTQ groups did not differ significantly from each other with regard to their respective improvements in aerobic capacity (F=.014, P=.907). Conclusions The aerobic capacity of adult burn survivors can be improved with participation in a structured, 12-week exercise program after injury.
de Lateur, B. J.; Magyar-Russell, G.; Bresnick, M. G.; Bernier, F. A.; Ober, M. S.; Krabak, B. J.; Ware, L.; Hayes, M. P.; Fauerbach, J. A.
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